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Discover the Magic of Antalya Kaleici with Alp Paşa Hotel

Alp Paşa Hotel is a remarkable place where guests can witness history and culture together. The hotel's main buildings are historic mansions built in the 18th century; the more recent structures built in the 19th century were remodeled to become annexes during the renovation in 1995.

Once occupied by the city's aristocrats and bourgeois, these mansions host visitors from various parts of the world today. While the Antalya Kaleiçi Hotel's design takes guests on a trip to the olden days of the city, the insides of the hotel also boast an exciting atmosphere. Each room features a distinct character with a unique design and décor; the rooms aren't numbered, yet each room is named after a famous Ottoman pasha.

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Explore the History and Culture of Antalya Kaleici Old Town

With its extraordinary architecture and verdant gardens covered in Mediterranean flowers, Alp Paşa Hotel is the hidden gem of Antalya Kaleici. The establishment is part of the Antalya Old Town and consists of restored structures built in distinct historical periods. This historic part of the town provides an exquisite glimpse into the area's past through the marks left by earlier civilizations, including Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuq Turks, and Ottomans.

Alp Paşa Hotel is conveniently located near Kaleiçi center; surrounded by an unmatched natural beauty, the establishment is near the area's must-see museums and monuments. Speaking of museums, the hotel itself has a small but awe-inspiring open-air museum. This museum hosts over a hundred historical artifacts uncovered during the hotel's restoration. Also, under one of the complex's buildings lies a 2000-year-old ancient city.

Behind the hotel, there's a hidden garden named the Garden of Freedom, where visitors can rest and enjoy their stay in Alp Paşa. According to a local legend, wishes made in the Garden of Freedom while sipping our own red wine come true.

Another reason Alp Paşa Hotel stands out among other Antalya Kaleiçi hotel options is the quality of its facilities. The hotel's guests can enjoy free entry to a golden Lara Beach, as well as free-of-charge sun loungers and beach parasols. All guests can also benefit from a 10% discount on food and beverages on the beach. Alp Paşa Hotel also boasts two swimming pools and a sun terrace.

Since traveling is tiring, we aim to make the transportation process as easy as possible by offering the best airport transfer Antalya. This way, our guests can directly arrive at the hotel without dealing with public transportation.

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The Best of Mediterranean Cuisine: Alp Paşa Kaleici Restaurant

Alp Paşa Hotel's restaurants are the perfect option for visitors looking for a Kaleiçi restaurant where they can taste delicious Mediterranean delicacies. 

A romantic open-air restaurant by a pool, Alp Paşa Restaurant offers a must-have experience to guests. The place is among the most popular restaurants in the town, with a favored location and a wealth of delicious Mediterranean dishes on its menu. Besides Turkish and Ottoman dishes, Alp Paşa Restaurant offers international options to those open to new experiences.

Gazetta Brasserie & Bar is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Kaleiçi old town. The restaurant owes this popularity to its unique approach to Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Besides delectable food and stunning cocktails, Gazetta Brasseries & Bar stands out with its affordable prices. The restaurant is the perfect option for travelers who don't want to exceed their budget while enjoying delicious Mediterranean dishes.

A romantic ambiance and Mediterranean warmth are what Du Bastion, another restaurant within Alp Paşa Hotel. The small and elegant restaurant boasts a wide selection of dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. The restaurant is especially preferred by couples who want to add a romantic getaway to their itinerary.

Lounge Bar in Alp Paşa Hotel is another option for visitors wanting to make the best of their stay in Antalya. The restaurant offers both local and international beverages, accompanied by a rich food and mezze option.

Visitors who want to make the best of their stay in Antalya can prefer Alp Paşa Hotel. We aim to provide our guests with the best rates on our website. On bookings through our website, we offer 5% off. There is also a 5%+5% off on bookings for two to three days. And on bookings for over four days, we have an advantageous 5%+20% off. 

If you find a lower rate - for the same room on the same day - elsewhere, we guarantee a further 10% discount on that price.


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Standard Room

Fabulously Ottoman. Designed for pleasure.

Dive into an immersive experience of Ottoman luxury mixed with neo-classical elegance. Our spacious Standard Room offers a tranquil retreat with its high ceilings, original woodwork, and thoughtful amenities. Whether you're enjoying the serene views or lounging in the comfort of your bed, every moment in Alp Paşa Hotel becomes a cherished memory.


Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Oriental Turkish motifs blend with modern interior design to create a perfect living space. With views over the narrow streets of Kaleiçi, our freedom garden and courtyard to please the eye. An en suite marble bathroom with a whirlpool bath an added luxury.


Sea View Room

Sea View Room

Understated luxury in a light and airy atmosphere under a vaulted wooden roof, and highlighted here and there with Ottoman art and crafts. Many tranquil hours can be spent on the balcony or terrace, with views over the rooftops, domes and minarets of Kaleiçi to the Taurus Mountains, the historic harbour, and other key city sights.


Ottoman Suite (Honeymoon Suite)

Ottoman Suite (Honeymoon Suite)

Lie back and imagine you are an Ottoman Pasha or Merchant, for this is where they would have stayed. With original Ottoman wooden furnishings and ceiling, this expansive suite, with some refined modern additions, is a luxurious and authentic example of Ottoman living.



Du Bastion


Alp Paşa Restaurant


Lounge Bar