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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Discover the Answers to Your Queries: Explore Frequently Asked Questions About Alp Paşa Hotel in Antalya's Historic Kaleiçi

Curious about our hotel nestled in the historical heart of Antalya's Kaleiçi? This page is your one-stop destination for all queries. From booking procedures to room services, specific requests to hotel policies, we are here to provide informative answers for every aspect of your stay. Access all the necessary information you need for a comfortable and worry-free experience at Alp Paşa Hotel with ease. 

How many kilometers is it from the airport to the hotel? 
The hotel is about 15 km away from the airport. 

How can I get transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport?
At the airport, the tram departs from the Arrivals Terminal every half an hour to the city center. Get off the tram at İsmetpaşa station located on Ismetpaşa Street. From there, after a 5-minute walk on Ataturk Street, you will reach the Kaleici area. Bus number 600 departs from the Arrivals Terminal every half an hour to the city center. Get off the bus in front of MarkAntalya AVM on 100. Yıl Street. From there, after a 15-minute walk on Kazım Özalp Caddesi, you will reach the Kaleiçi area. You will see a taxi station at the exit of the Arrivals Terminal, when you get on the taxi, you need to tell the driver that you are going to Alp Pasa Hotel in Kaleiçi. This will approximately take 30 minutes depending on the traffic.

Please visit for further information on transport. 

What is the distance of the hotel to the nearest residential area? 
The hotel is located in Kaleiçi, the very heart of Antalya. The hotel is 5-10 minutes' walking away from all kinds of eating-drinking-entertainment venues, Işıklar street, shopping centers, Karaalioğlu Park, Mermerli Beach, cinema and theater halls. 

What are the Check-in and Check-out times?
The earliest check-in time is 14.00 pm and the latest check-out time is 12.00.

I will make an early landing at the airport. Can I check in to my room earlier?
Based on the availability of the Hotel, our front desk team will assist you for a fee.

Can I check out late from my room as my return flight will be late in the evening?
Based on the availability of the Hotel, our front desk team will assist you for a fee.

Is there a place where we can store the suitcases on the check-out date?
Our Hotel has a free area at the front desk where you can leave your luggage.

Is there a doctor or pharmacy in the hotel?
No, there are no doctors or pharmacies in the hotel. However, the closest pharmacy to the Hotel is 5 minutes walking distance and the nearest health institution is 3-5 minutes away by car. If necessary, a doctor can be called.

Is there a hairdresser and market in the hotel? 
No, there is no hairdresser and market in the hotel. However, the closest market to the hotel is 50 m away and the nearest hairdresser is 5 minutes walking away.  

Does the hotel have any stores?
No, there are no stores in the hotel. However, as the hotel is located almost in the city center, you will see the most famous street and shops of Antalya as soon as you step out the hotel.

What languages are spoken at the hotel?
Turkish, English and German are spoken. However, service is provided in Arabic, Russian and French from time to time.

Are pets allowed?
No, unfortunately we do not allow pets.

Is smoking allowed in the restaurant, bar and rooms?
As required by Turkish laws, smoking is prohibited indoor. The designated smoking areas and balconies of the rooms can be used for smoking.

Can I exchange currency?
Currency is exchanged in the hotel. Receptionists will assist you.
Is there a room for the handicapped?
No, there isn’t. Unfortunately, our facilities do not include rooms for the handicapped. Our hotel is not convenient for people with disabilities and walking difficulties.  

Do the rooms and common spaces have Wi-Fi? Is it paid?
Internet access is not available in some of our buildings because the rooms have old, thick and stone walls as required by the construction of the building. Free wireless internet is available in a limited number of rooms. Free wireless internet access is available in all common spaces. 

Do the rooms have an iron?
No iron is available in the rooms. We have paid laundry service available.

Do the rooms have a carpet?
There is no carpet in any of our rooms. In general, most of our rooms have original wood flooring. Some of our rooms have laminate flooring or marble floors. 

Do the rooms have an electrical kettle, tea bags, or coffee?
The rooms do not have an electrical kettle, tea bags or coffee. 

What type of TV broadcast is available?
All our rooms have satellite broadcasting

Do you have room service? Do you charge for it?
We have room service available for a fee.

Does each room have an air conditioner?
Yes, there is a split air conditioner in each room that you can control yourself.

Are there hairdryers and towels in the room?
Yes, all rooms have hairdryers and towels.

Is there a bathtub or hot tub in the bathroom?
All of our rooms have at least one bathroom. The room bathrooms has a shower.

Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace?
Some of our rooms have a balcony or terrace. You can book such a room for an extra fee. 

Do the rooms have equipment such as refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave?
Some of our rooms have a small kitchen. Restrictions may apply. You may book these rooms with prior confirmation.

Is a universal adapter available? How many volts is the electrical voltage in the room?
There is no universal adapter. As in Turkey, our rooms have 220V 50Hz electricity voltage. 

Is smoking allowed in the rooms?
Pursuant to Turkish law, smoking is prohibited indoors. Smoking is allowed in the designated open areas.

Can I use Netflix and similar applications on the TV in the room? 

Is there a game console, multimedia player in the room?

Do the TVs in the room have an HDMI input?
Yes. The TV in the room has minimum one HDMI input.

Is there a minibar? How often is it refilled?
There is a minibar in all our rooms. It is subject to extra payment. It is regularly refilled every day.

Is there a safety deposit box in the rooms? Do you charge for it?
Yes. We charge you for it. If you want to use it, the receptionists will help you.

After leaving the hotel, if I realize that I have forgotten something in the room, what could I do?
You should call our hotel to contact our front office team or public relations.

Can I ask hotel to put a baby bed in the room?
You may request for a baby bed at the time of booking. A baby bed can be provided free of charge based on the availability of the room and the hotel. 

Does the hotel have its own beach?
No, it doesn’t. However, our hotel is only 400 m from the famous Mermerli Beach, 4 km from Konyaaltı Beach and 15 km from Lara Beach. Admission to Mermerli Beach is free, but if you want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, it is chargeable. We may have an agreement with some beaches in Konyaaltı beach and Lara beach. Our hotel guests may access there free of charge, and they may benefit from sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge. Please contact the reception for detailed information.  

Is the beach sand or pebble?
Mermerli Beach is mostly sandy, but in some places it is a mixture of sand and pebble. Konyaaltı beach is pebble and Lara Beach is sandy.

Does the pool have umbrellas, sunbeds and towels?
Yes, it does. The pool has umbrellas, sunbeds and towels. You may use them free of charge. 

Is there a specific pool for adults? Is there a pool for children?
Our pool is for adults. There is not a pool for children. 

Can we wear a hasema to use the pool?
Only the swimsuits may be used. 

Can we swim in the pool in wheelchair?
Do you prepare gluten-free foods?
Yes, we do. We can serve gluten-free food upon your request, if you give prior notice. You may be charged extra for this.  

Do you serve diabetic foods?
Yes, we do. Diabetic foods can be served upon your request if you give prior notice. You may be charged extra for this.

Do you have a diet menu?
No, we do not.

Is freshly squeezed juice served?
Yes. You can order from our waiters. 

Are A La Carte restaurants charged to hotel guests? 
Yes. Our hotel guests may use our A La Carte restaurants for a fee. Special discounts are offered to hotel guests in certain periods.

Do you charge for alcoholic beverages or soft drinks?
It varies depending on the type of hostel you choose. All drinks are chargeable for stays including Breakfast only, or for Half Board stays. Non-Alcoholic All Inclusive concept includes selected local soft drinks between 08.00 am and 23.00 pm.  Alcoholic All Inclusive concept includes selected local alcoholic beverages and soft drinks between 08.00 am and 23.00 pm. 

Do we need a reservation for the buffet restaurant?
Our hotel guests do not need to make a reservation for the buffet restaurant. 

Do the restaurants have baby feeding chairs?

Are there any children’s buffet?

Do we need to wear specific clothes for specific places?
Yes. You are not allowed access the buffet station and A La Carte restaurants in swimming costumes, undershirts, slippers, shorts, etc. 
Which methods can I use for payment?
You may book via our call center, via WhatsApp, or on our official website. 

How could I cancel or change my booking?
Although it varies depending on the cancellation policies, you may cancel or change the booking by calling our Customer Communication Line (02422475676), or sending a message on WhatsApp, or by sending your request to this e-mail address: [email protected]. Our cancellation policy is as described below.
In case of any cancellation, a deduction shall be made under the following periods and rules. This cancellation penalty may be up to 100% of the amount paid for booking. When the hotel launches different campaigns, it may set different cancellation rules.  

a) In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation 7 days or more before the check-in date, the remaining amount is refunded to the client after 5% of the payment made is deducted.
b) If a confirmed reservation is not canceled 7 days or more before the check-in date, no refund or date change shall be made.
c) Refund for canceled reservations shall be made within 15 business days. In the case of agents, the refund of the canceled reservation shall be held in the hotel’s account as a right of usage to be exercised for future reservations. If the agency is still a creditor at the end of the year, the refund shall be made at the end of the year.
d) The refund shall be made to the credit card or bank account of the payer. It shall not be refunded to a different account.

a) The hotel's occupancy shall be taken into account for the changes to be made.
b) In case of a change in reservation, the price and other conditions of the day of the change shall be taken into account.
c) A reservation may be changed for two times at maximum. Change requests must be notified to the Hotel at least 15 days before the client’s check-in date.

Payment failed when booking via your official website. What should I do? 
You may pay with Visa or Master Card. Problems at the payment stage are usually caused by the bank. For payment problems, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

How can I access my current reservations?
If you are a member, you can access all your current reservations from the "my reservations" page in the menu. In any case, you will be sent an e-mail with the reservation details. 

I didn’t receive an e-mail to confirm my booking. What should I do?
Check your spam/junk mail box in your e-mail address. If your e-mail address is incorrect or otherwise, you may can send an e-mail to [email protected]

How can I submit my special request regarding my booking?
You may type your special request in the notes section when booking. When booking via the call center or WhatsApp, you may send your requests to our representative and add a note to the reservation.

I am a minor. May I stay in the hotel without my parents?
No. The guests who are under the age of 18 or minor are not allowed to stay in the hotel without their parents.

Do you have a group discount on a reservation for multiple rooms?
Yes. Our representative will assist you with your request for special.

I am a hotel or agency employee. Can I get an additional discount?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have a special discount code for hotel and agency employees. 

Do I have to submit any documents at check-in?
For reservations you make on our website or through call center, you have to submit your identity card or passport for check-in. For reservations made through an agency or other channels, a reservation confirmation document and Voucher are required during check-in.

If someone else pays on my behalf with a credit or debit card, will I have problems during check-in?
No. It is not a problem for someone else to make the payment on your behalf, provided that you inform us.

Can I use a company credit card for payment?
Yes. It is possible by submitting a document that contains the company details, and a document that demonstrates the position of the person, who will stay in the hotel, in that company.

Is your website secure? How is my credit card and personal information protected? 
Please visit the following links for the cookie policy and Personal Data Protection Law/GDPR regulation. Our website has also an SSL certificate.

I don't have a credit card (I don't want to use one), how can I pay? Can I pay by bank transfer? 
You can pay by wire transfer or EFT through our call center or via WhatsApp.

I want to receive an invoice for my booking. What should I do?
If you request an invoice, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
Do I need to be a member to make a reservation?
No, you can make a reservation without being a member of our system. 

What are the advantages of membership?
Once you become a member, you can easily benefit from the discounted prices and special offers.

I have made a reservation without becoming a member. Can I get a discount on my current reservation by becoming a member? 
Unfortunately, it is not possible. No discounts will apply after you receive the confirmation for your reservation. 

Do I need to book regularly every year to continue to benefit from this advantage?
No, you do not need to book regularly.

Is it sufficient to become a member to benefit from advantages?
Yes. After becoming a member, personal discounts and permanent guest discounts will be defined in the system.

I am a permanent guest of Alp Pasa Hotel. Does this provide me with a further advantage? 
Yes. The permanent guest discount will be defined in the system within 48 hours after the membership is activated.

Can I make a reservation on behalf of someone else through my own membership?
No. Since each membership is personal, the member has to stay, not anyone else. Discounts and advantages may be used for persons accompanying the member and for rooms.

I will stay at Alp Paşa Hotel for the first time. Does being a member provide me with an advantage? 
Yes. Our special offers can be accessed after becoming a member and completing the membership form. 

I forgot my password, what should I do?
You need to click on the “I forgot my password” in the member login page to receive a new password.  

How can I change my password?
You need to use your e-mail address registered with the system to send an e-mail to [email protected]

I want to change my personal information, what can I do?
For the purposes of security and in order to prevent abuse, profile information cannot be changed after it is confirmed by the user. To change your personal information, you need to use your e-mail address registered with the system to send an e-mail to [email protected].

Can I permanently delete my membership?
Yes. In order to permanently delete the membership, you need to use your e-mail address registered with the system to send an e-mail to [email protected]. All discounts and benefits assigned your profile will be permanently deleted.