Personal Data Protection Law and Clarification Text Alp Paşa Hotels
In case you give your explicit consent or are deemed to have given it, the personal data you transmit to us will only be processed in accordance with the Law No. 6698 as well as with the procedures and principles stipulated in other laws. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the law and good will, these data will be processed for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, they will be used in connection with the purpose for which they are processed in a limited and proportionate manner, and they will be retained for the period stipulated in the applicable legislation or required for the purpose for which they are processed. If the reason for processing the information does not exist anymore, it will be destroyed, deleted or anonymized.
This Clarification Text for Personal Data is intended to inform you about the collection, processing, transfer of your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (the Law”) and about your rights under the same Law.
Alptur Turizm Yat. Isl. San. ve Tic. A.S. (ALPTUR) with registered address Barbaros Mah. Hesapçı Sok. No:30 Muratpaşa Antalya/TURKEY is the data controller and process your data for the following purposes in accordance with the Law and applicable legislation.
1. Personal Data subject to processing 
As ALPTUR, we process some of your personal data, including the followings:
    • Your identity information, including the name, surname, Turkish identity card number, passport number, marital status, other information contained in the identity certificate or driver's license copy;
    • Your location information, including residence information and address information;
    • Your contact information including e-mail, phone number, mobile number;
    • Your financial information including bank account number, IBAN number, debt information, request for and information on the advance amount, salary information and legal deduction amount information;
    • Information on your family members, including the name and surname of your spouse and children;
    • Your legal proceedings information, including enforcement information;
    • Information about your membership of associations and foundations;
    • Your event reports included in the minutes of events occurring within the company;
    • Your professional information, such as permit and license numbers, of prospective employees or supplier’s employees in jobs requiring special licenses or permits;
    • Your client’s transaction information such as invoice, promissory note, check information, membership, customer requests and complaints, product/service that is used or purchased;
    • Your marketing information, including information on the purchased products/services in the past as well as survey results;
    • Your action security information, including IP address and access log information;
    • Criminal conviction and security measures information, including criminal record information;
    • Health information including blood type information, information specified in the health report, allergen information, and disability status information;
    • Religious and philosophical information, such as your religious affiliation and philosophical beliefs,
    • Your audio and video recordings, including CCTV;
    • Your professional experience information, including your CV and diploma;
    • Your personal information, including payroll information, disciplinary investigation, employment records.
2. Why your personal data is processed 
We will process your personal data limited to the following purposes:
    • Delivery of our products and/or services and executing our sales processes,
    • Execution of our product and/or service purchasing processes,
    • Execution of our customer relations,
    • Managing our customer request for return and exchange,
    • Review, assessment and evaluation of customer requests and complaints and communicating them if necessary,
    • Carrying out activities for customer satisfaction,
    • Updating, customizing and developing our products and services in line with your needs and demands,
    • Sending e-mails, messages, newsletters and other publications about our new products or services, changes in our existing products or services, and our campaigns and promotions,
    • Planning and execution of our communication processes,
    • Managing cookies in order to improve the experience of our visitors on our website, to identify requests and problems, and to quickly conclude their searches (for further information, please refer to our Cookie Policy),
    • Execution of our marketing activities and advertising/campaign/promotion processes,
    • Execution and supervision of our business activities and ensuring business continuity,
    • Execution of our operations and performance of our obligations in accordance with the agreements made with suppliers, business partners and other third parties, 
    • Execution of our performance management processes for suppliers,
    • Carrying out our service, maintenance, repair, inspection works,
    • Performance of our repair and maintenance processes,
    • Execution of our finance and accounting works,
    • Issuance of commercial credit cards by the company,
    • Providing information to competent authorities and organizations when necessary, 
    • Ensuring to conduct independent audits and managing the process,
    • Pursuing legal proceedings against our company,
    • Ensuring the physical space security of our buildings and facilities and creating and monitoring our visitor records,
    • Compliance with legal regulations and fulfillment of our legal obligations,
    • Evaluating the job applications of the employee candidates, conducting the interviews, and contacting with the people they refer to in their resumes as reference  

3. Methods for collection of personal data 
As ALPTUR, we collect your personal data through the following channels:
    • E-mail, SMS, business cards,
    • Telephone, Fax,
    • CCTV (Closed Circuit Camera Footage),
    • Cookies and similar tracking technologies,
    • Physical form,
    • Our website,
    • Postal, cargo, courier services,
    • Face-to-face interviews,
    • Other physical and electronic media,
4. Legal reasons for processing 
We process your personal data in accordance with the processing requirements specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.
5. Transfer of personal data 
We may transfer your personal data to our employees, business partners, shareholders, suppliers, group companies, company representatives, agents and legally authorized public/private institutions and organizations within the scope of the processing requirements specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, provided that it is limited to the purposes stated above.
6. Your rights for your personal data 
As data subject, you have the following rights for your personal data pursuant to article 11 of PDPL:
    • The right to learn whether your personal data is processed,
    • If your personal data has been processed, the right to request information about it,
    • The right to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose,
    • The right to know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, at home or abroad,
    • The right to request correction of your personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing and the right to request for notifying the third party to whom your personal data has been transferred of any associated action, 
    • The right to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data in the event that the reasons requiring processing do not exist anymore, although it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the PDPL No. 6698 and other applicable laws, and the right to request for notifying the third party to whom your personal data has been transferred of any associated action,
    • The right to object to any consequences against you as may arise from analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
    • The right to request for compensation of damages if you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of personal data.
Application Method
You may:
    • Send your application in writing to Barbaros Mah. Hesapçı Sok. No: 30 07100 Muratpaşa, Antalya/Turkey, or
    • Send an e-mail to [email protected] using the electronic mail address registered in our system, if applicable.
Your application must include;
    • Your name, surname, and your signature if you send your application in writing,
    • Turkish identity card number for citizens of Republic of Turkey, or your nationality, passport number or identity number (if any) if you are a foreign person,
    • Your residential or office address for notifications,
    • Your electronic mail address (if any), phone and fax numbers for notifications, and
    • Your claim.
You need to attach further information and documents (if any) on the matter to the application.
Your application will be handled free of charge. However, if the requested action requires an additional cost, the fees in the tariff issued by the Personal Data Protection Board will be claimed from the applicant.
ALPTUR reserves the right to verify your identity.
You can find the procedural rules to be followed during the application and further information in the “Communique on the Procedures and Principles for Applications to Data Controller” of the Personal Data Protection Authority.